New Objective In-House Chemistries

Use the Media Code indicated in place of the XXXX in the part number when ordering pre-packed columns. Our selection of available chemistries is always changing. If you require a media that is not noted below, please contact us to inquire as to its availability, or for information on custom column packing to your specification and with your supplied media. Please note: New Objective does not provide bulk material.

Media CodeMedia NameType/SizeSupplier
H001ProteoPep™C18, 5µm, 300ÅNew Objective
H002ProteoPep™ IIC18, 5µm, 300ÅNew Objective
H004ProteoPep™ IIC4, 5µm, 300ÅNew Objective
H005ProteoPep™ IIC8, 5µm, 300ÅNew Objective
H003ProteoPep™ IIIC18, 1.8µm, 80ÅNew Objective
H020Strong Cation ExchangeSCX, 5µm, 85ÅNew Objective
H035HALO®C18, 2.7µm, 90ÅAMT, Inc.
H036HALO®C8, 2.7µm, 90ÅAMT, Inc.
H037HALO® RPRP, 2.7µm, 90ÅAMT, Inc.
H038HALO® HILIC2.7µm, 90ÅAMT, Inc.
H039HALO® Peptide ES2.7µm, 160ÅAMT, Inc.
H050BioBasic®C4, 5µm, 300ÅThermoFisher
H051BioBasic®C8, 5µm, 300ÅThermoFisher
H052BioBasic®C18, 5µm, 300ÅThermoFisher
H053AQUASILC18, 5µm, 100ÅThermoFisher
H054BetasilC18, 5µm, 100ÅThermoFisher
H060BetaBasic®C8, 5µm, 150ÅThermoFisher
H061BetaBasic®C18, 5µm, 150ÅThermoFisher
H062HypercarbC100, 5µm, 250ÅThermoFisher
H063HypercarbC100, 7µm, 250ÅThermoFisher
H070Hypersil GOLD™C18, 5µm, 175ÅThermoFisher
H071Hypersil GOLD™C18, 1.9µm, 175ÅThermoFisher
H072Hypersil GOLD PFP™PFP, 5µm,175ÅThermoFisher
H073Hypersil GOLD aQ™C18, 1.9µm, 175ÅThermoFisher
H074Hypersil GOLD aQ™C18, 5µm, 175ÅThermoFisher
H075Hypersil GOLD PFP™PFP, 1.9µm,175ÅThermoFisher
H076Hypersil GOLD PFP™PFP, 3µm,175ÅThermoFisher
H080ProntosilC18 AQ, 3µm,120ÅBischoff
H100XBridge™C8, 3.5µm, 135ÅThermoFisher
H101XBridge™C8, 5µm, 135ÅThermoFisher
H102XBridge™C18, 3.5µm, 135ÅThermoFisher
H103XBridge™C18, 5µm, 135ÅThermoFisher
H110XTerra®C18, 5µm, 125ÅThermoFisher
H200Inertsil® ODS-3™C18, 3µm, 100ÅGL Sciences
H201Inertsil® ODS-3™C18, 5µm, 100ÅGL Sciences
H202Inertsil® ODS-4™C18, 2µm, 100ÅGL Sciences
H203Inertsil® ODS-4™C18, 3µm, 100ÅGL Sciences
H204Inertsil® ODS-4™C18, 5µm, 100ÅGL Sciences
H210Titansphere®TiO2, 5µmGL Sciences
H252Magic AQC18, 5µm, 200ÅMichrom
H252Magic AQC18, 3µm, 200ÅMichrom
H301POROS R220µm, 2000ÅLife Technologies/ABI
H302POROS R210µm, 2000ÅLife Technologies/ABI
H340PepmapC18, 3µm, 100ÅDionex
H341PepmapC18, 3µm, 200ÅDionex
H354Reprosil-PURC18 AQ, 3µm, 120ÅDr. Maisch
H355Reprosil-PURODS-3, 3µm, 200ÅDr. Maisch
H401Monitor®C18, 3µm, 100ÅOrochem Technologies
H402Monitor®C18, 5µm, 100ÅOrochem Technologies
H403Gazelle™C18, 1.7µm, 100ÅOrochem Technologies
H501PLRP-S5µm, 4000ÅVarian
H502PLRP-S5µm, 1000ÅVarian

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